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Personal Statement:

Hello there! its a male, named Saim. Having a non-ending religion, -Islam. Having a most happening and loving star, that is, -Libra. (In Chinese -Year of the Pig). The Body type is like, Athletic. Height is around, 5'11" . Black eyes, Black hairs. Fully Asian guy with some western touches, with a thought that what matters is, nature of a person. At all, a well-featured guy!
Lots more.. that remains Undisclosed..

A Little About Me:

People know me better as i know myself, but
the things i know about myself are:
A loveable and loving person. Capable of realizing my potential. Self respecting. Learning from my mistakes. At all ,creating a joyful life! I like doing an interior decoration, as i have also done these sort of. Sometimes just else than sitting idle, i do create websites.
Lots more.. that remains Undisclosed..

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Favorite Things:

My favorite things goes something like this: Dirt less environment. Broad minded people. I like every that island, where life does not exists, and i wish that i could be there living alone, with the ground beneath my foot and open blue sky on my head, all alone, no here and there, just Me and Myself. In food, my favorites are, Asian food, Chinese food and Italian food too. Among these, Asian food are my routine food, but i like Chinese food as some formal dinner! I like the smell of soil while raining, as well as, like the falling of rain drops on grass, just like a diamonds.
Lots more.. that remains Undisclosed..

Hobbies and Interests:

Well, generally me having many hobbies and interests, to enjoy with.
Some of my these, most happening hobbies and interests are...
I like skating on the skating floors in some clubs, or skating on main-roads at lonely nights. I like swimming in covered, indoor pools. avoiding the pools, crowded by here & there guys. I like playing Table Tennis, Badminton. Reading good English books, of well known, selective authors. Uses to go for a long drive at lonely nights, alone. Collection the ancient coins and currencies of different countries. Sometimes, i like playing golf. uses to go for bowling! Having an interest in listening to the blues, disco, folk, jazz, Soul, soothing, romantic, music. Depends on mood, sometimes sad and old songs too!
Lots more.. that remains Undisclosed..

Favorite Quotes:


A fly is as untamable as a hyena.

Change is inevitable,
except from a vending machine.

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